Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Almost like Christmas all over again....

I probably have one of the best grandmothers ever! She sends me coupons....all the time! Every time I get my big package of coupons from her it is like Christmas. Well...I got my huge bag of coupons from her tonight! I love to tell her about the deals I get with the coupons she sends me!

She lives in Ohio and gets MUCH better coupons than we do here in Central KY. Which brings me to my suggestion to you...if you can, get your family/friends to send you coupon inserts they don't use! This could add some GREAT coupons to your collection without you having to pay anything.

*Stay tuned, because later tonight I will be posting coupon tips and a guide on how to shop at Rite Aid!!*

Happy Couponing!

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