Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh dear...

So I don't know what it is...but Desiree and I have had the worst luck shopping this week.....we are getting great deals...but there is some force that just doesn't seem to want us to shop together. lol

We had quite the adventure at Target tonight.  We were doing great....and getting some SWEET deals...and then it happened.  While we were in the plastic bag/tupperware aisle my daughter vomited.  It wasn't a lot...but enough to scare me to death.  She seemed fine after the ordeal was over...she was smiling and playing like her normal self.  So we continued shopping, we didn't have very much left to get.  So we made it to the water toys/swimming aisle and she vomited again.  At this point we decided to go ahead and check out and leave.  We got in the check out line....and she did it again.  We checked out as quickly as possible and got out of Target.  My daughter fell asleep in the car and she is fine now.  Through the process of changing her clothes and cleaning her up....we managed to leave not only my video camera....but my husbands nice right now I am freaking out....and I will be calling Target first thing in the morning.  So, I won't be posting pictures tonight of what we got(hopefully some nice person that found the cameras will turn it in).  Hopefully I'll be posting pictures tomorrow.

Here is a recap of what I got:

2 Glade fabric and air odor elimators
1 Shout triple acting stain remover
1 Dove go fresh deodorant
1 Dove Go Fresh Body Mist
2 Gillette Shaving gels
1 Lysol dual action wipes
2 Ziploc Zip n' Steam bags
2 Kleenex hand towels
1 Huggies Little Swimmers(came with a free sample of sunscreen)
1 trial size of shout wipes
2 axe deodorants(trial size)
2 degree deodorants(trial size)
3 dove hair sprays(trial size)
2 satin care shaving gels(trial size)

I paid $16.09 for all of this.  I will be posting Target deals for next week! I should have those up tomorrow or Sunday.  If we get my camera back, we'll have a video on how we got some of these deals!

Goodnight to all!

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