Friday, October 1, 2010

EXTENDED!!! 90% off! Get $25 certificates for $1!

 The $1 gift certificate promtion has been EXTENDED!  USE CODE WOW AT CHECKOUT TO GET 90% OFF OF A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE! !  ONLY $! AFTER THE CODE!!!!

Have you heard of Well basically you can get gift certificates for CHEAP! Right now they are running a promotion and you can get a $25 gift certificate for $1!!! My husband and I have used these gift certificates...our favorite adventure was at Furlongs in Lexington! This makes for a cheap date night or a cheap girls/guys night out!! The code to use at checkout is WOW.

Some local restaurants(Lexington, Ky) that are on are:
Furlongs (YUMMY!)
Bronte Bistro
Buddy's Bar and Grill
El Campreste
Natasha's Bistro and Bar
Paisano's Italian Restaurant
Beef O' Brady's
Alfafa Restaurant
Masala Fine Indian Dining
Yamamoto Japanese Grill and Sushi
JD Legends

And this list isn't all! Check it out today! Type in 40503(if you are in the Lex. area) into the zip code search bar and start your journey to CHEAP dining!

*Note...there is typically a minimum order amount and 18% gratuity added to the check. So if you spend $35 after the $25 gift certificate you would be out $10 for the meal and $6.30 for the tip. $16.30 for a night out at some UNIQUE and yummy restaurants is AWESOME!

Happy Dining!

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