Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check out all the stuff I got!  I paid $3.65 out of pocket for all of this...AND I've got $15 in +UP rewards for my next shopping trip!  I'd call it a good day!

Transaction 1:

Suave Professionals $2.69
St. Ives $3.49
Diet Dr. Pepper $1.49
Zegerid $10
Oral B Cross Action TB $2.99
Motrin PM $5.99

Total: $26.56
Use $5/$25 VV coupon
$2 St. Ives VV Coupon
$2 Oral B Coupon(7/4 P&G)
Motrin PM $3 in ad coupon
Motrin PM $1 coupon
Zegerid $4 VV coupon
Zegerid $3 In ad coupon
FREE Suave Professionals coupon (came with a sample)

Total: $6.56
Use $4 in +UP rewards from previous trip
Paid: $3.65(including tax)

Got $7 +UP from Zegerid, $2 +UP from Pantene, $1.50 Toothbrush, $2 Motrin

Trans 2:

Cottonelle $6.99
Pampers(clearance) $8.99
Zegerid $10
Biotrue $4.99

Total: $30.97

$5/$25 VV Coupon
$1 Cottonelle VV coupon
$3 Zegerid in ad coupon
$2 Pamper Coupon
$1 Cottonelle man. coupon

Total: 18.97

Used $2 Pantene +UP from previous trans, $1.50 +UP reward,  $2 +UP reward and $11.99 SCR from last month

The cashier accidentally rang my SCR for what was left after the +UP rewards...and it was $15(my SCR was only $11.99)..the manager couldn't figure out how to fix it b/c I still owed $3....but it was paid for when the cashier accidentally overcompensated my SCR's.........SO they ended up not making me pay ANYTHING for this transaction!

I got back a $7 Zegerid +UP Reward and a $1 Cottonelle +UP Reward

So between the 2 transactions I spent $3.65(would have been a little over $7 if the SCR was put in properly) and I have $15 in +UP rewards for my next trip! Wahoo....I'd call that a success!

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