Sunday, July 25, 2010


My lovely friend, owner of A Touch of Whimsy, wrote a little something on CSA's(Community Supported Agriculture). 

It can be easy to find deals at the grocery store for prepackaged items but fresh produce, epecially organic, it is much more difficult to find. I ONCE got a coupon from Kroger for $4 off produce but I had to spend $20 to do it - not likely. I like to buy at least one fresh fruit item for my family every week and as many veggies too but it can be very costly.

What's my solution? Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. In Winchester, we have a local farm where you buy a share in early spring. A share, which is enough to feed a family and comes in a bushel basket, costs $400. A half share is $200. With this share, every week, once per week, you go to the farm and pick up your share of the harvest. Produce ranges from peas and strawberries in the spring to corn and tomatoes in the summer and sweet potatoes and maybe even pumpkins in the fall.
Since I have a small garden and my daugthers are 34- and 16-months old, I decided to try a half share. Let me tell you, the produce is delicious and my family gobbles it up! It's wonderful to see them eating healthy food. In many cases, they are eating food I wouldn't normally buy.

Buying food from a CSA means that you will have to adjust to eating seasonally. For instance, right now, I'm getting corn, tomatoes, and peppers. However, in early spring, our family would receive greens and peas and strawberries. That can be an adjustment.

To give you an idea of the amount of food in a half share, I have included a picture. Today, I picked up my half share and it had: 3 banana peppers, 2 bell peppers, 10 tomatoes, a bag of cherry tomatoes, green beans, 1 head of cabbage, 1 zucchini, and 8 ears of corn! It's fun to pick up the food every week and figure out new recipes for the produce. And of course, everything tastes better with locally-grown, organic, and fresh produce.
Want to get involved in a CSA?  Check out the CSA website!
Thanks Lisa!


  1. Can you join CSA in the middle of the season?

  2. Contact your local CSA...they should let you, but you will get a reduced price! :) Go to the CSA website and search for a farm in your area. If you are in the Winchester are check out Fraley Farm CSA on Facebook or call (406) 531-0569.



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