Saturday, July 17, 2010

CVS Store Guide

CVS Extra Care Card

Be sure to sign up for your ECC online or in-store.  It is completely FREE to sign up! I recommend signing up in store because you get your card that day!  You have to have an ECC to get sale sure to hand over your ECC BEFORE your purchases.  You will be able to print coupons from the "magic" coupon machine (found in store) by scanning your ECC!

CVS Extra Care Bucks

You get ECB's when you buy participating ECB items.  You also accumulate ECB's with all of your the end of each quarter you will get 2% back of whatever you spent in the form of an ECB.  The ECB is like CVS "cash".  It will print at the bottom of your receipt.  A lot of the ECB items have a limit per card.  Sometimes you will be able to get items FREE with coupon required! (If you have a coupon for the free can turn it into a money maker!) Once you get the hang of "rolling" your ECB, you will be spending little to no money out of pocket.

CVS Coupons

CVS coupons can be found at the bottom of your receipt, online, or in the "magic" coupon machine!  You can stack CVS coupons with manufacturer coupons to get some good deals! You can also sign up to be on CVS's mailing list and they will periodically send you "money off" coupons(ex. $4/$20 purchase).

Coupon Info for CVS

  • You can use a B1G1 Free coupon with a B1G1 free sale to get BOTH items free!!
  • You can use TWO coupons on a B1G1 50% off or B1G1 free sale!
                 -Ex.  Secret Deodorant is $4 and it's B1G1 FREE
                         Use 2 $2/1 Secret Deodorant coupons and get BOTH free!

Use your coupons in this order:

CVS "money off" coupon (ex. $4/$20 purchase)
CVS Store coupons
Man. Coupons
Extra Care bucks

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