Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let's help out some members of our community!

I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog!  I've had a couple readers come to me with needs for some families.  Giving back to the community is so important to me and I know it is to many of you as well! Couponing has allowed me to get a lot of those basic neccessites free and also allowed me to get food, clothes and toys for CHEAP.  I hope you join me in helping out these two sweet families.

-One of my readers knows a 19 year old girl whose family is struggling.  She lives in a bad part of Lexington in a very small apartment with her family.  They need a futon and anything else that we can get together(toiletries, food, etc.) I know she shares a room with her little sister and I think the futon is for space issues.   I am going to start taking donations for a basket for this sweet girl and her family.  She has big dreams for her life.  One day she would like to start a cafe for kids, like her and her sister who don't always have something to eat, to come and eat for free.  How awesome is that?

-The second family is in Winchester.  Their 2 year old baby boy has a severe disability.  His condition is a mystery to the doctors. He has been to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital off and on since he was 6 months old. He is on a feeding tube 16 hours a day and requires assistance for everything. His mother has to stay home because he needs a caregiver 24/7.  His family lives in a small apartment and is barely scraping by.  The father works hard to try to provide for his family but between medical bills and caring for this sweet boy it's not enough.  The little boy is extremely small for his age and is still in diapers.  The family has not asked for anything, but a reader wants to help them.  This is what they need:

Size 3 diapers(You can get diapers at CVS this week for only $4.49!)
12-18 month boy clothing(or anything bigger than that for future use)
Baby supplies(lotion, soap, etc.)
Size 4 shoes
Toiletries for mom and dad
Food(I'm sure any kind of donation would be helpful)
And anything else you would like to donate(maybe some baby toys or anything like that)

Let's join together and help these families out.  We can make a statement in this community in a BIG way.  Even if you just want to donate something small, it would be GREATLY appreciated!  If you are interested in making any kind of donation, please contact me at  Also, if you know a family in great need, let me know so that we can try to help them out too!

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