Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FREE Contour USB Meter...possible $10 money maker!

Head on over to Rite Aid Video Values, sign up or login, and watch the Contour USB meter $40 coupon!

Here's how you can score a FREE meter and potentially $10 in overage to go towards other items (Note: not all Rite Aid stores will allow overage...YMMV(your mileage may vary.  It should still be free nonetheless):

Contour USB Meter $29.99 (it is reportedly on sale...I have not tried this deal yet, but will tomorrow or Friday)
Use $40/1 Rite Aid Video Value coupon
FREE PLUS $10 in overage to go towards other items!

You can always donate these meters to those who can't afford them!  I'll be giving mine to my hubbys grandma!

Thanks Hip2Save!


  1. In for 1, if it uses the same contour test strips as what i currently have. i hate that i had to spend $40 to buy the cable for my current meter!

  2. Tried two Rite Aids off Man o War Blvd. Neither had the product ringing up on sale with the card. The one manager was willing to override to the $29.99 price, but would not take the coupon since it was $40 off. Even after override, the coupon did not apply when scanned.

    The other store would not even consider honoring the $29.99 price. Fail!

  3. I personally couldn't find it at my local Rite Aid in Winchester! They were out! :( But, with any deal YMMV(your mileage may vary).



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