Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$15 for a $35 Fortune Cookie Voucher!

Traditional Vanilla Fortune Cookies covered in milk, white and dark chocolate.

Today the Sioux Falls Groupon is $15 for a $30 $35 Fortune Cookies voucher!  These are just your average Fortune Cookies...they are fortune cookies to the EXTREME!  The offer fortune cookies that are chocolate covered, flavored, customized, colored and MORE!  These would make GREAT party favors or Christmas gifts!  What a neat way to gift a friend!

We have a rainbow assortment of flavored fortune cookies. Each gourmet fortune cookie comes personalized and individually wrapped.

How do you get your $35 Fortune Cookies Groupon:

*Sign up or login to your account
*Click on "Visit More Cities"
*Click on Sioux Falls
*Buy your $35 Fortune Cookies Groupon for $15
*Enjoy your fortune cookies!

Peppermint Flavored Gigantic Fortune Cookie, green color with chocolate covering and real crushed peppermints for decoration.

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