Friday, November 5, 2010

6 FREE 8X8 Photobooks(20 pages) AND 2 FREE 8X8 photobooks(39 pages)

Remember the sweet Arts Cow deal I posted earlier?  Well it gets better!  You can score SIX FREE 8X8 Photobooks with 20 pages and 2 free 8x8 Photobooks with 39 pages!  PLUS if you are a new member you will automatically get 1200 print credits,  MORE photobook credits, AND MORE photo gift credits.  It is INSANE!  I am LOVING these Arts Cow deals! This code expires go ahead and sign up and enter your code now!  You have until 12/11 to make these awesome photobooks!

Here's how to get your photobooks:
*Sign up or login to your Arts Cow account
*Click on "My Account" at the top
*Click on "Credits and Discounts" (left hand side bar)
*Enter code 888BKS4U in the promo code box at the top
*SCORE lots of photobooks!

These make GREAT gifts for Christmas, new babies, anniversary's and MORE!

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