Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crock Pot Meals: Chicken and Dumplings $3.50 for EVERYTHING!

Hey guys!  Desiree over at {mom}tini made this awesome video to teach you how to make a super easy (and CHEAP) crock pot recipe!  You can make it for UNDER $5! Seriously!

Watch the video, then read how you can get the ingredients CHEAP!

(I used Kroger Frozen Chicken) $2.33-I used 1lb

Cream of Mushroom- FREE!  I got it a few weeks back at Meijer!

4TBSP Flour -$1.28 for a 5lb bag at Walmart....a few cents?

1/2 TSP pepper- once again...a few cents

1 can refrigerated biscuits-got mine for $.30 a can at Meijer last month

Total: About $3.50 for the WHOLE recipe....that's right!

This is what is for dinner at my house tonight!  I am so excited!  I love cheap AND EASY recipes!
From now on I will be posting weekly deals for Meijer (and Kroger if they are having an awesome sale)!  Keep your eyes peeled for these products on sale!  Couponing and recipe planning can save you a TON of money!  Thanks Desiree!


  1. dont like the biscuits try cresent rolls more shorting more flavor

  2. OO good idea! I think I'll try the crescent rolls next time!



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