Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get up to $50 from theFoundary

(Get 16 friends to join theFoundary after you've signed up...and you'll get this doggy duvet FREE)

I know I have been posting a lot of daily deal sites...but they are seriously awesome and they should help you tons on saving money for Christmas! theFoundary is a discount site for home decor products! You can get some cool accents for your home or for gifts for a FRACTION of the cost.  Most of the products I wouldn't have even considered buying because of the price...but theFoundary makes it affordable!
Why do I like theFoundary? theFoundary has a REALLY cool referral program!  If you get your friends to join you get $1 for each friend, up to $50!  They don't even have to purchase anything!  If they DO purchase something you get $20 AND $1 for each purchase after that!  All you have to do is send out some emails or invite your Facebook friends to join theFoundary with your referral link! You could easily score some FREE products on theFoundary!
Sign up today and SHARE the savings with your friends and family....remember, you could get $50 just for them accepting your invite and creating an account!

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