Wednesday, December 22, 2010

**HOT** Tickets to Dinosaur World in Cave City for As Low as $4


I have a hot deal for your Kentuckians looking for something AWESOME to do with your kiddos!  Currently the Lexington Groupon deal is $4 children tickets and $6 adult tickets to Dinosaur World in Cave City.  You are saving 60% on tickets! This would be great for your family, kids groups(Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth group etc.) Here's how to get yours:

*Click on the arrow next to your city and go to "K" then click on "Lexington" under KY
*Buy your Groupon(up to 12 per person!)
*Click on "My Account" and then "My Groupons"
*You will be able to print yours once it is processed(usually only takes 24 hours to process)
*Enjoy a CHEAP trip with your family that the kids will never forget!

I am REALLY excited about this deal(I got some tickets for my family!).  My little boy LOVES dinosaurs...and I didn't even know that we had something like this in Ky!  Dinosaur we come!

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