Friday, February 11, 2011

1500 Fan Giveaway Winners

Wahoo!  Here are the list of winners for the 1500 fan giveaway!  I need each winner to email me( within 48 hours with their email address and/or contact information.  If I do not receive an email from a winner within 48 hours another winner will be chosen.  Congratulations to all the winners and a BIG thanks to all the vendors!  We have the best fans!!!

If your name is crossed off, I have heard from you and you should have an email from me.
  1. $25 Lock and Key Gift Certificate Cristy Rogers Albrinck
  2. 250 Business Cards from Catbird Printing Sarah Mc
  3. $5 Sweet Baby Bowtique Savannah Webster
  4. Strawberry Hair Bow Erika Fletcher
  5. $10 gift certificate Ashley Combs Ison
  6. Beer Bread Carol Evans
  7. Vintage Headband made by Persnickety Clothing ($24.50 value) from Lilly James   Happy Mothering
  8. Diamond in the Ruff Marci Pelayo
  9. Monkey Joes pass Shannon Kissick
  10. $15 to Pink Checkers Kelly Woods
  11. $10 to Southern Posh Boutique Our Full House
  12. Diaper Cake Mary Parker
  13. Plate by Marci Pelayo Lori Beth Carson
  14. Tutu or Hairbow from Designs By Shine Ashley Powell
  15. Flannel Tweet from Shining Wings Boutique Melissa Miller
  16. Mary Kay Satin Hands Set from Shines’s Mary  Kay Eleanor Pomerat
  17. $59 Towards a Tea Party from Shining Wings Tea Parties Christina Van Ginkel
  18. Free Necklace from Tickled Pink Trinkets Sachi Web
  19. $15 Sweet P’s Boutique gift certificate Lauren Swagbucks
  20. $5 Book Credit Heather Galbraith
  21. Starbucks Gift Card Geneva Jones
  22. Gingham Clips from Happy Hair Day April Adams Namine
  23. 10 sample packs of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Kimberly Guimond, Jody Johnson, Trish Rose
  24. 2 Gerber Daisies from Southern Posh Boutique Jayden Harper
  25. Plate from Take it Personal Amie O’ Daniel
  26. Voucher Niki Muroski


  1. I'm Sarah Mc!

    I emailed with my email address, FYI. My email has some glitches, and they're evil, so just making sure. :)

  2. emailed you =) Thanks!! Jody Johnson



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