Thursday, February 10, 2011

GIveaway from Sunshine's Mary Kay

Shine's Mary Kay

Shine's Mary Kay is going to give away someone's full order if I get 5 orders.
This is what I do... Its called "Pinkathon Salathon"
If I get at least 5 orders, I will take all the name that place an order and do a midnight drawing. Who's ever name I draw will get ther complete order 100% free!!!! It can be one thing on that order or 10!

Here are some specials she is offering as well:

Special 1: Gift Box with all 4 MK MEN products. facial bar, body spray, shaving foam, and after shave ( retails for $57 total. Gift all for $35. with free shipping)

Special 2: Velocity for Him Cologne (**best seller**), & shave foam & after shave (retailsfor $60 total Gift all for $40. with free shipping)

Be sure to place your order by can buy something as small as a mascara or as many items as you want. As long as she gets FIVE orders by midnight she will draw for someone to get your order FREE! PLUS if she gets 10+ orders she will pick TWO people to get their ENTIRE order free...doesn't matter if you buy one mascara or 10 items! Wahoo!

You can order from her
AND you can also add her on Facebook:

BUT WAIT....There is more! Here's another email she sent me....LOTS of people can win FREE products this way!

I have a 10 minute Marketing Call in my National area tonight @ 6pm cst(7PM EST).
As a consultant I get rewarding for just having people on my calls!
So I offer great giveaways! This is not for everyone, but just for listening I will give away FREE PRODUCTS!!
I am going to give away (winners choice) a free lip gloss or mascara for every 3 people on the call.
So if there are 15 people on the call for me, I will give 5 free gifts away!!! 5!!! I will put all names in a drawing!!!
But to TOP it OFF~ on top of all that, if I 25 people on the call I will give away $100. in FREE PRODUCTS AWAY! (winners choice)
So lots and lots of FREE giveaways!!!!!
If you can help that would be a blessing!!!
Here is the information: 712-775-7000 pin # 1079329#
Call is @ 6pm(7PM EST).
They will receive a secret code @ the end of the call, that how I know they are on. They will need to call me or text me/ message me their number so I can speak with them and confirm the call. :)

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