Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Contest


I'm so excited to announce our very first Just a Clip Away contest! It will be lots of fun and the prize is pretty awesome.  :)

I started Just a Clip Away to share how I got deals with my friends and family.  It has grown to over 2000 Facebook fans. 10,879 DIFFERENT people have visited the site, and friendships that are amazing. That is all in less than a year!  I could not be more thankful for Just a Clip Away.  It is more than just a blog to me!  I love all my fans and followers!

I have a challenge and contest.  We are going to have a referral contest.  The winner will get an Amazon gift card with at least $50 on it! Could be more! ;) There will also be 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Here's how it works....send your friends to Just a Clip Away.  Get them to "like" Just a Clip Away on Facebook. Have them fill out the form below. All they have to do is put their name and your name. If you have been a fan of Just a Clip Away for awhile and you remember the name of the person who referred you, be sure to fill out the form with their name! <3 The person with the MOST referrals wins!  This giveaway will be over once we reach 3,500 Facebook fans!

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