Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gamefly=CHEAP Solution for Video Games AND a FREE Month!

Gamefly is like the Netflix for video gamers! My husband LOVES video games but we can't afford to pay $60 for EACH game he wants to play.  We decided to sign up for GameFly!  We pay $22.95/month and get 2 games at a time. This is for ANY game system.

 He has been able to play all the games he has wanted and is able to return them and get new ones when he is done.  90% of the time my husband gets one of the top three games in his cue.  They also have new games!  They sent a new release game the exact same day it came out!  It is a pretty awesome system!

They have a few plans that you can choose from.  One game at a time is $15.95/month, 2 games is $22.95/month, and 3 games is $29.95/month.

If my husband decides he actually wants to keep a game, it's price is comparable to stores like GameStop.  They will send you the case if you decide to keep it.

If you sign up through this link you will score a FREE month to GameFly!  This is a GREAT solutions for your kids and/or gamer in your family!  It will save you BIG bucks!

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