Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Pinteresting: Homemade Handscrub

(Got this recipe from this Pin)

My MIL made these AWESOME hand scrubs for her and her coworkers and I have to share this sweet deal!  It is very inexpensive to make and makes great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, co-workers, and to treat yourself.  What I love is that not only is it CHEAP it is easy as pie to make!

Here's the recipe as found on Pinterest:


Dawn (any scent)(Dawn Hand Renewal works great and helps with soft hands)
White Sugar (amount varies on the size of your container.
Container (mason jar or something along those lines)

Step 1:

Fill your container 3/4 of the way full with Sugar

Step 2:

Fill your container the rest of the way with Dawn (leave some room at the top)

Step 3:

Mix the sugar and Dawn together

Step 4:

VOILA!  You have a sugar hand scrub.  You only need about a teaspoon each time you use it.  Rub it on your hands for about a minute and wash off with warm water.  Make sure you stir it before each use.

Your hands will be uber soft before you know it and they will smell oh so good!

Want to make it a gift?  Add some ribbon around the top and get some cute letter stickers to put on the jar.You can also cover the lid with fabric to make it cute!

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