Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Couponing Tips

Here are a list of some helpful tips that will allow you to get the MOST out of couponing and saving money!

1. DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! Sometimes you will run into a cashier that does not know much about coupons (or that might be irritated that you have so many coupons) or you might irritate the person behind you in line because you have a stack of coupons. Just remember...they probably are not saving as much money as you! Don't let them get your goat!

2. PLAN AHEAD OF TIME. Plan your trips and have the coupons you know you are going to use easily accessible. This will allow you less stress! Planning your trips will also help you not make those "impulse" buys!

Planning ahead also means buying things before you need them...like gifts, toys, clothes etc. If you get these items at rock bottom prices and stock up throughout the year, you won't have to pay full price at the last minute!

3. BE PREPARED! NEVER leave your house without your coupon binder or organizer. You never know when you'll find an item that is not on your list that you could get for free with a coupon you have. (Trust me...I've been in a store before and not had my coupon binder..and found something I could have gotten for FREE with a coupon I had at home. Talk about a BUMMER!)

4. STOCK UP! Buy items at ROCK BOTTOM prices...and buy lots!  This will prevent you from having to pay full price AND making what seems like endless trips to the store!

5. BUY SMALLER! What do I mean by that? Well, if a coupon does not specify a size you can buy the smaller size or a travel size. What does this mean? You can get things FREE and stock up. I have a TON of travel size shampoos, conditioners, baby shampoo, baby lotion,deodorants, hairsprays, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and fabric softener. This also means that you can try out different products and not have to pay a penny to do it!

6. CHECK OUT CLEARANCE ITEMS! In each store guide page I will tell you where you can typically find items on clearance in each specific store. A lot of clearance items turn into FREE items when you use your coupons.

7. HAVE A COUPON PARTY! I have yet to do a coupon swap...but I'd love to start one! You can trade coupons amongst friends to get coupons that you want that they might not need and vice versa. This will give you the opportunity to not only get some great coupons you need....but share success stories and have a great time couponing. If anyone would be interested in doing a coupon swap...let me know!

8. ASK QUESTIONS! If you need help or don't understand a stores policy or how to use the coupons you have...just ask me! I'd love to help you!

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