Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rite Aid Store Guide

Rite Aid is probably one of my FAVORITE stores to shop at. I have been able to get some of the best deals there. In this blog I am going to teach you how to shop at Rite Aid! I know this guide is a little lengthy...but it is worth it to read all of it! Be sure to read this guide before shopping at Rite Aid!

First off....be sure to print off the Rite Aid Corporate coupon policy found here. Be sure to read through it because it is VERY informative and helpful information! Bring it with you to Rite Aid every time you shop...just in case you run into any issues!

Rite Aid Video Values Program

Rite Aid has an online program called Video Values. You can sign up for Video Values here. You watch videos about different products online and get credits and coupons for each video you watch. The videos are basically advertisements for companies and are as short as 15 seconds and as long as about 3 minutes. The coupons you get will be Rite Aid coupons so you can stack them with manufacturer coupons. Once you get 20 credits you will be able to print a $4/$20 Rite Aid Coupon! Some of the videos are Rite Aid videos and you will be able to get $1/$1 purchase store coupons by watching those!

Rite Aid Coupons

You can get Rite Aid coupons through several things. The first would be in-ad coupons. You can stack these coupons with manufacturer coupons to get some FREE or cheap items! Rite Aid also has what I call "get X off of an X purchase." I've seen $5/$25 and $5/$20. Sometimes Redplum and Smartsource will have these great "money off" coupons! You can actually use these money off coupons BEFORE any manufacturer or in-ad coupons. This allows you to get things for free or even make money!

Wellness+ Rewards
This is a new program that Rite Aid just started. In order to get sale prices now you have to sign up for Wellness rewards....and its completely FREE to do it! Go here to sign up or sign up at your local Rite Aid. I would recommend signing up in store because you get your card that day. If you sign up online you have to wait for snail mail to deliver your card! You will receive "points" each time you make a purchase at Rite Aid. Once you reach a certain amount of points you get to different levels. The first level is 125 points and you will get a one time 10% off shopping pass! (MORE SAVINGS! Gotta love it!) Once you reach 1,000 points you will be able to get 20% off of every purchase (excluding prescription) for a whole calendar year! I have spent a total of $3.48(after single check rebates) this year...and I have accrued 168 points already! Another great thing about wellness+ rewards is that now they have what they called +UP rewards. If an item in the ad says get $4 in +UP rewards, when you buy that item a $4 coupon will print out on your receipt. That will be good for your next in-store purchase! You can use these +UP rewards in combination with manufacturer, in-ad, AND Rite Aid money off coupons!

Here is an example of how to show you how to make the best of all these Rite Aid programs!(This is just an example...it would not work if you tried it this week)!

Buy 1 Clean and Clear Product ($5.49)

Buy 1 Pack of Huggies Diapers ($8.99) ($2 +UP when you buy(wyb) 1 pack of Huggies)
Buy Blink Tears Eye Drops ($7.99) ($7.99 +UP wyb 1 Blink Tears Eyedrops)

Total: $22.47
Use coupons in this order:
$5/$20 Rite Aid Coupon
$3/1 Clean and Clear in ad coupon
$2/1 Clean and Clear printable coupon
$3/1 Huggies Coupon
$1/1 Huggies from Rite Aid Video Values
$2/1 Blink Tear Eye Drops printable
Total AFTER coupons: $6.47(this is what you will pay up front)
You will then receive $9.99 in +UP rewards

Do you see why Rite Aid is one of my FAVORITE stores now?
Happy Shopping!

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  1. Wowzers. I don't shop at Rite Aid b/c they always seemed over-priced to me. I guess I just don't know they're system. Thanks for the info! I'm all about saving money. :D



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