Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Secret is out....

Remember my blog I posted earlier asking how much you thought I paid for all the products in the picture? Well I am here to share with you how much all of it was(or wasn't lol) AND how I did it. Hold on tight. You might want to check out my Rite Aid Store Guide before you dive into this blog! Also check out Rite Aids deals this week so you too can be "Just a Clip Away."

Here is a list of all the goods I got!

9 tubs of Pampers Wipes ( JUST IN TIME....we ran out this morning! With a 2 year old and 5 month old that is never a good thing.)
6 Physicians Formula Bronzers
4 Old Spice Deoderants
9 bottles of Dawn
2 Old Spice Body Washes
1 Secret Deoderant
1 Lubriderm Original
2 Clean and Clear products 1 Blink Tears eye drops

Here's how I did it!

Trans 1:

9 Pampers Wipes- $22.41
9 $2/1 Pampers Wipes Q
1 $5/$20 purchase from here
Subtotal: -.59
Tax: $1.04
Total: .45

Trans 2:

9 Dawn- $8.91
1 Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub- $5.49
2 OS Red Zone Body Washes- 2/$7
1 Physicians Formula Sunset Strip($5 peelie)- $12.95
1 Physicians Formula Sunset Strip($5 peelie)- 0.00 (due to BOGO)
Total: $34.35
$5/25 RA Q from here or here
9 .25/1 Dawn
1 $2/1 C &C Product
1 $3/1 C & C Product(RA Q)
1 BOGO Old Spice Q
$1/2 Old Spice Body Wash
2 $5/1 PF Peelie Q's
1 $5/1 PF RA Q from here
1 $1/10 Makeup purchase RA Q from here
Subtotal: $1.60
Tax: $1.52
Total $3.12

Received $4 off next purchase +UP Reward- Makes this a .88 MM!
The 2 body washes will go towards my $25 worth of P&G Products to get the $5 RA gift card through SCR

Trans 3:
1 Clean and Clear Daily Cleanser- $5.49
4 Old Spice Fresh Collection Deoderants- $16
1 Secret Sheer Mineral Deoderant- $4
2 PF Summer Eclipse Moonlight Bronzer($5 peelies on compacts)- $12.95
Total: 38.44
$5/$25 RA Q
2 BOGO Old Spice Q's
1 $1/2 Old Spice Fresh Collection Deoderants ( could have used 2 but I didn't think about it...bummer!)
1 $2/1 Secret Sheer Deoderant Q
2 $5/1 PF peelies
1 $2/1 C &C Product
1 $3/1 C & C RA Q
Subtotal: $5.44
Tax: $1.83
Total: $7.27

Will get a $5 RA gift card for $25 worth of P&G products purchased

Trans 4:
1 Lubriderm Lotion- $6.99
2 PF Eclipse Sunlight Bronzer ($5 peelies on compacts)- $12.95
1 Blink Tears- $7.99

$5/$25 RA Purchase (see above for links)
2 $5/1 PF Q's (attached to products)
1 $5/1 PF Rite Aid Q(see above for link)
1 $2/1 Lubriderm found here
1 $3/1 Lubriderm RA in ad Q
1 $2/1 Blink Tears Q
Subtotal: .93
Tax: $1.20
Total: $2.13
Will get a $7.99 SCR for the blink this was a $5.86 MM!

I paid $12.97 out of pocket. I will be getting back a $2 SCR for the 2 Old Spice deodorants, $5 Rite aid Gift Card for the P&G products, AND a $7.99 SCR for the Blink Tears. That totals to $15.00 in rebates. I MADE $2 dollars on all of this. I added up all the savings on my receipt (wellness savings and coupon savings) and it came to $172.18!!! I'll list my specific transactions below....but needless to say I am so excited that I might explode.

Make sure you check out the Rite Aid Store Guide before you head on over to Rite Aid! You will want to sign up for all the great programs they have!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!
Did you do any of these transactions at Rite Aid? Share in the comments section!

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